August – Organization

I love organization.  Everything should be in its place.

The one place we had not organized was the basement.  The basement is damp and dark and has spiders and things.  It’s not a place I’m apt to “hang out” in order to spend time organizing.

Holiday decorations, luggage, and other stuff we didn’t need in the house were deposited there when we moved in last October.  While most things were in storage bins, some things were still in cardboard moving boxes.  We put 2” x 4” boards on the floor to keep the boxes dry – but it was an unorganized mess.  Ugh.

With the rain we’ve had, everything kept getting damp.  We didn’t realize how damp until two weeks ago when we opened the basement to retrieve our luggage.  It had grown mold.  It got hosed off, scrubbed with soap and disinfected with sunshine – and it was still disgusting, so we bought new luggage that will now be stored in the attic.

But, we still had a moldy basement.  We bought shelf brackets, hardware and a dehumidifier and spent two days in the dark, dingy, damp dungeon – cleaning out cobwebs, building shelves and throwing out moldy stuff.  The dehumidifier tank holds 90 pints of water.  Chris empties it twice a day.  The basement floor is the driest it’s been since we found this place.  It must be sucking up water from the springhouse because it just keeps filling up, and we keep dumping it down the drain.

Finally, it feels cool and dry, the shelves are in place and it’s organized!  But I still don’t like the spiders.

From piled up stuff,
And things shoved on shelves —
To this organized shelf of extra paint,
And shelves of canned goods and kitchen supplies;
And neat shelves of holiday decorations! It’s organized.


9 thoughts on “August – Organization

  1. Now you need a sump pump. Then Chris would not have to empty it; the water would flow through a pipe to the outdoors.


    • You’re right! That would be so much easier! I did suggest it, but so far, he like dumping the water out. I think this winter when it’s cold and snowy and he doesn’t want to trek to the basement, maybe he’ll decide to drill a hole and run a hose to the drain that just outside the basement door!


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