October – Fruits of our Labor (Part 2)

Planting apple trees started the momentum.  Once we had scoped out where additional fruit trees will go, we realized we had some space on the hillside just below the barn that is perfect for blueberry bushes.  Chris had spent several weeks this summer clearing the hillside in anticipation of my planting plans for the spring.

When we were walking out of the Tractor Supply store the other day – there were blueberry bushes just sitting there looking at me with those puppy-dog eyes, saying take me home.  I bought six of them.  Then I realized that blueberries need a cross-pollinator, so I had to go in search of yet one more blueberry bush of a different variety from a local nursery.  So now we have seven.

Thankfully, this dirt is considerable different than the concrete-hard dirt just 100 feet away.  Chris tilled a path, dug seven holes and planted seven blueberry bushes in no time.  Then he trenched a path just above the blueberries where we plan to transplant our raspberry bushes once they die back this fall.

So now we have a row of apples (three makes a row, doesn’t it)?  A row of blueberries, and a row just waiting for raspberries.  The farm is shaping up.  And in the spring, we’ll be adding pears, peaches and cherries.  Yum!

To get from this over grown mess…
to this bucolic scene…
took a lot of work…
and a professional chipper/shredder to get rid of the mountains of brush.
A trip to Tractor Supply for horse feed and a salt lick turned into a blueberry shopping expedition.
Good thing we have that truck.
Thank goodness this is nice soft dirt — no auger needed for planting these.
The blueberries are planted and a row is tilled and waiting for the raspberries to die back this fall so I can transplant them in the spring.  Then we can have fruit salad!

9 thoughts on “October – Fruits of our Labor (Part 2)

  1. All sounds good love those blueberry pies. Don’t plant the cherry trees anywhere near the animals as the bark contains arsenic .


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