February – Damn Mice

Bruce – you were right — those damn mice moved right in once we insulated the basement.  We’ve kept traps down there, and we would catch a mouse every once in a while – but it didn’t seem like a big deal.  Until now…

I noticed that they are eating my squash!  Damn mice.  They climbed right into my wood crates, chewed holes, and cleaned out the inside of the squash.  Thank goodness they didn’t eaten them all!  I grabbed the rest of my good squash and rushed them to safety in the house.   I scrubbed them good – with soap and water — just in case a mouse had walked over them.  Then I roasted them, pureed then and packed them into freezer bags.  Hah!  No more squash for those damn mice.

Now, I hope the mice will go for the cheese in the traps – given that their supply of squash has been squashed.

Damn mice!
This mouse trap will get more action now that all the crates are empty.

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