September, 2021 – Amazon Delivers

We do make an effort to shop at locally owned businesses, but yes, we use Amazon too. Chris ordered something specific for over-wintering his bees and it was delivered as promised…

Until the guy tried to back down our tree-lined long driveway. I still don’t understand exactly how this happened, but this is what we found when we came home from running errands. Apparently he backed down, turned around, drove over an old telephone pole held in place with two metal fence posts, landed in the meadow and continued to drive towards the road until his truck sunk up to its axles. He called his supervisor who came out with some sort of grip pads for under the back wheels and told him to just back up and go out the way he came in (yes, up a hill, over the telephone pole and back on to the driveway?!?). When that plan didn’t work, they called a tow truck.

Hopefully the next thing we order will be less eventful!

He really missed the driveway.
Considering he was backing down the driveway, not sure how he did this, but the marshy meadow is unforgiving. Even the lawn mower gets stuck in the bog from time to time.

4 thoughts on “September, 2021 – Amazon Delivers

  1. Yikes, how does one miss so badly!? I suppose good drivers are hard to come by in these times.
    Hope you both are doing well. Scott is flying in next week for a visit. Anxious to see him, last we saw him was in 2019.

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  2. Since nothing ever seems to go according to plan, I’m going to give this driver the benefit of the doubt and assume it was not his intention to drive across the marshy meadow.

    Even something as a simple Amazon deliver becomes an adventure at No Rhyme or Reason Farm!

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