There once was a dilapidated and neglected old stone farmhouse in Chester County sitting on five beautiful acres of rolling hills and thick woods.  No one had been here recently, except the squirrels who stored their nuts in the attic, and the deer who bedded down under the front porch.

This is the story of its transformation — come along for the ride.  (Click on the “Follow” button at the bottom of this page to get updates on our progress.)

Our home is featured in “Haven” a feature of the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Sunday Real Estate section.  Click here to read the story:

The No Rhyme or Reason Farm

As we found it...
As we found it….


It's stunning!
The stunning transformation!

Renovations expertly designed and crafted by:

Forest Ridge Builders







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  1. Hallo zusammen, sehr guter Auftritt! Übersichtlich und sehr Interessant die Geschichte mit zu verfolgen. Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz. Denise & Thomas

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  2. I give you a lot of credit for recognizing a diamond in the rough — and for having not only the vision of what this house can become, but the patience to deal with the many obstacles you have encountered (and will still encounter) between “Let’s buy it!” and moving into your home-sweet-home.

    As I’ve commented before, this project will be worth all of the inconvenience and sheer angst once you are able to move into your “new” (kind of) dream home!

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  3. I love this ! Seing the vision, and thoughts , and dreams unfold ! So nice of you to share. I look forward to the story in progress and updates and wish you the BEST : )
    – Jen


  4. Enjoyed the write-up in the Inq. Today. I believe this was owned by my great-grand parents in 1900 or so and was known as the Doan or Doane farm. My father was born there in 1912. You certainly have brought the property back. Great job.


  5. I don’t know too much, my parents have passed. My grandparents were Walter and Clara Doan and they had 4 children. Walter, Elmer, Laura ( my grandmother) and Frances. As I mentioned my father (F.Grant Wiggins better known as Bil) was born there.

    My grandmother kept a diary for the year of 1900 when she was 19 and lived on the farm. All I can say life was a lot of very hard work but also a time of happiness.


  6. I spoke with my son and he does not think that the Doan farm is your place. He says the Reason farm is further down Hurley.

    Just thought I would let you know.


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