April – The Greenhouse!

It’s here!  And it’s adorable!  And it’s full of K-cups.  Yes, those little plastic cups for making coffee.  I’ve been saving them for months, emptying the grounds into my compost pile and saving the little cups that already have a little puncture hole in the bottom for drainage — to plant my seeds.  My greenhouse shelves are lined with K-cups of dirt.  I’ve planted San Marzano tomatoes, Yellow pear-shaped cherry tomatoes, watermelon, pumpkins, butternut squash, acorn squash, cucumbers and a bunch of other stuff — probably more stuff than my garden can hold.  But, I had K-cups that I had to fill, and seeds I had to use up.

The Greenhouse has a little bottom shelf that’s just the right size for Arianna to start her seeds too.  Usually she plants jelly beans.  She’s had good success with that.  They grow into lollipops overnight!  Nothing like starting a love of gardening at an early age.  Maybe she’ll start planting vegetable seeds soon.

Here it comes up the driveway — never an easy trip.
Getting rocked and rolled into place on our foundation.
A perfect fit, right next to my garden.
Cute little K-cups all lined up — seeds planted and waiting for them to sprout.
My potting bench.
Arianna’s little shelf with her garden tools — just right for planting jelly beans.

10 thoughts on “April – The Greenhouse!

  1. Congratulations Cuz. Looks amazing. Enjoy the fruits and vegetables of your labor. PS Jean you could never look like a hag. Glad you are so 😊


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