April – (5-2)+6=eggs

We started out with five hens when we moved in to our farm.  Our builder gave them to us as a house warming gift and we’ve been nurturing them — and enjoying the eggs — ever since.  But apparently they are getting old.  We’ve had two of the chickens die over the last several months, I think from old age.  Apparently laying an egg a day can really wear you out.

After a trip to tractor supply, we ended up with six baby peeps — two Red Sex Links, two Barred Rocks and two Ameraucanas.  Right now, they live in our living room — under a heat lamp and keep us entertained with their peeping.

Arianna came to visit them and couldn’t believe her eyes!  Chickens in the living room!  In a house where we have NO indoor pets.  Even our cat is an outdoor barn cat — which is a good thing, because I don’t think an indoor cat and six peeps would get along well in the living room!

Once they grow a little bigger and get their feathers, we will introduce them to the “old” ladies in the chicken coop and they will all have to learn to get along together.  Until then, we have peeps in the living room!

One trip to Tractor Supply and six chicks later…
They are settling in to their box in the living room,
With a heat lamp to keep them cozy.

6 thoughts on “April – (5-2)+6=eggs

  1. So cute and fuzzy! Remember the old days when we used to buy them in spring dyed colors for Easter? , lol! At least Arianna gets to share in a memory from our youth, though in drab colors😜


    • I know! Nothing cuter than those little fluffy ducks in pink and green and blue. But then they grew up and kept chasing me around the yard, nipping at the backs of my legs — so we dropped them off at some park that had a pond. They probably had a lot of company there – other fluffy, cute, colorful duckies that turned mean when their colors wore off!


  2. It’s good that your cat is an outdoor cat; there would not have been much left but little fuzzy chick feathers all over your den. Good luck with the new members in your farm family.

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