May — Even MORE Garden Space

With the addition of the greenhouse and all the plants I could start from seed, suddenly the 20′ x 32′ garden surrounded by a six foot high fence just wasn’t big enough.  There are  plants that take up more than their fair share of the garden; things like pumpkins, potatoes, gourds, cucumbers and a variety of squash.  They don’t stay in neat little rows like peas, carrots and beans — they sprawl and climb and have a tendency to take over.  So…it only took a little bit of pleading for another garden before Chris was on board with getting out one of those power garden tools and tilling me a  20′ x 20′ space.  This one is only surrounded by chicken wire that we trenched into the ground to keep hungry bunnies from sneaking under the fence, and surrounded by some webbing sprayed with deer repellent to keep the deer from jumping over the fence.  So far — its working.

My potatoes are coming up, the gourds, pumpkins and some of the squash have been transplanted into the new garden, and I even planted some corn!  We’ll see how that works out this year.  I have a bit of space left — but it’s not quite time to transplant a few of my other plants.  I’ll stick to that rule of waiting until after Mother’s Day — and besides, it’s chilly this week.

The tiller is getting a workout.
Putting up the chicken wire was a bit of a project.
We trenched it into the ground so nothing can sneak underneath.
And added webbing around the top, scented with deer repellent — so far — it’s working!

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