June – Here a goat, there a goat…everywhere a goat-goat

To take a line from Old MacDonald’s farm – we now have goats here, there and everywhere. I’m not sure how that happened. We had just two goats – Heidi and Peter. They are brother and sister. Heidi is a year-old doe, and Peter is a castrated male (because male goats stink and are aggressive, and we just needed a companion for Heidi). But, I thought we needed to add another doe. We were in search of a baby so it would be a year younger than Heidi – to liven things up around here. And, because eventually I’d like to have goats to milk so I can make cheese for something to do in my old age – so I need females (does) to make babies and give milk. You know, Biology 101.

A friend sent me a link on Facebook to some sweet looking babies at a farm about an hour from here; we piled into the truck with Arianna, took a dog crate with us and off we went. Somewhere along the way, our plans derailed and we came home with two one-year-old does. They were so cute, how could we say no. Hei-Hei (which is weirdly close to Heidi) took an immediate liking to Arianna and followed her everywhere. We didn’t want Hei-Hei to be lonely and feel left out when we introduced her to Heidi and Peter – so it seemed like Hei-Hei should bring a friend. Rory is also a year-old goat with a shiny black coat. We renamed her Black Beauty.

Black Beauty was a bit more skeptical of us and needed some coaxing to leave her pen, so we decided it was safest to put her in the dog crate. With two goats to transport home, Hei-Hei got to ride in the backseat of the truck with Arianna who didn’t seem to mind sharing the ride.

When Hei-Hei and Black Beauty met Heidi and Peter there was some excitement in the barnyard.  Everyone was running around, checking each other out and butting head; but then Pono (the miniature horse) kicked up his hooves, reminded everyone that he “rules the roost,” and everyone settled down. Now, they are inseparable, bunking together in the barn, grazing together in the pasture and giving Pono a headache as he tries to keep track of four goats!

I never thought I’d see the day – a goat riding in Chris’ pick-up truck.
Our two new beautiful goats.
The “herd” enjoying the pasture.
Feeding time – on the picnic table of course. Where else would you have a goat picnic?

9 thoughts on “June – Here a goat, there a goat…everywhere a goat-goat

  1. I had something similar but different. I went out to buy a fishing licenses and bought a shotgun !! Go figure ! It looked lonely sitting there with 200 other guns ! Linda said it looked just like the other guns ! How hurtful it seems very happy with our other guns

    Sent from Sur


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