December – What Santa brought!

And what to our wondering eyes did appear – but a new barn! It’s a pole barn with a gravel floor; perfect for storing all those extra “implements” we seem to have collected since we’ve been here on the farm. There is plenty of room for the big tractor, the lawn tractor, the grader, the tiller and a myriad of other things like spare bee equipment.

But the barn isn’t all about farm implements – it also has a loft… with a ship’s ladder to make it easy to climb up there. And once you’re up there, the little window gives a bird’s eye view over the tree tops. It’s the perfect place to hang out with Arianna – and Hannah too when she gets a bit older.

The barn came festooned with Christmas wreaths – the perfect touch for the holiday season. And now I’m looking forward to spring when we can pull all those farm implements out of the barn and get busy in the garden!

Bit by bit it started coming together.
And then it got a roof.
And then some rough sawn boards and battens.
Some trim work.
And it looks like it fits right in on the farm.
Arianna can hang out up in the loft.
When she’s not busy driving Opa’s tractor.
And the doors look perfect all decked out with Christmas wreaths.

3 thoughts on “December – What Santa brought!

  1. Did u get snow dams for the edge of roof ! Don’t want a ton of snow down your back when you open those doors .I also see a cupola w/ weathervane in your future ! LOOKS GREAT !


    • We should have checked with your first! No snow dams – why didn’t we think of that – though there isn’t much we need in there during the snow. But come the spring, we might need rain gutters to keep the mud at bay. A cupola with a weathervane would be the icing on the barn I think!


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