September – An overabundance of blackberries

All summer long, one of the first things we did first thing in the morning was grab the colanders and hike the pasture fence line collecting wild blackberries and red wineberries.  We weighed them – out of curiosity, and calculated the haul for the day.  Most days, it was over a pound of berries.  We ate some out of hand, mixed some in the morning yogurt, ate more than our share of pies and cobblers and froze gallon bags full.  And then I decided to try to make wine.

I bought a wine making kit with everything I would need – except it came with a five gallon jug, so after a trip to find a one-gallon jug and adjusting the “recipe” I gave it a try.  I’m definitely more into immediate gratification; now I have to wait for at least six month (or even a year) to try something that my sister says is going to taste like Boone’s Farm anyway.  Cheers!

Wild Blackberry juice – along with a fruit straining bag full of the blackberries to keep the seeds and pulp out of the juice.
Siphoning it into a jug.
Testing the juice/wine with a hygrometer.
One gallon of blackberry wine with a little extra for topping off as I rack it over the next couple of months. And a plate full of “must” the seeds and pulp that have given their all to make the blackberry wine.  I wanted to feed it to the birds, but we were afraid they might get drunk!

5 thoughts on “September – An overabundance of blackberries

  1. I think your sister is right. But what the heck, it gives you something to do and is another adventure!

    The “must” will not make your birds drunk — it would need to ferment first.

    Enjoy your homemade Boone’s Farm wine in 6 months!


  2. Yum! That sounds lovely! We’re trying to make hard blackberry cider over here. And by “we” I mean my husband. He’s the maker, and I’m the drinker, lol.


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