January 2019 – Feeding the Birds

We are blessed with an abundance of birds around here. This time of year the cardinals congregate on the bird feeder, the wrens and snow birds flit around and we still see an occasional woodpecker. It’s not the time of year for the bluebirds or the goldfinches – they add their color to the flock in the summer.

The ones that stick around all year long have become accustomed to being well fed. Chris keeps the bird feeders full for the birds, and the dried corn gadget is full for the squirrels. But this time of year, with cold weather looming, they need an extra treat.

Our neighbors recently butchered their cows and gave us a considerable amount of the fat – the suet. We ground it up, cooked it down to get the impurities out, mixed it with birdseed and some corn meal – and now our birds are eating Gourmet suet blocks.  They say Thank You with their chirping and flitting (and even fighting – while they try to get to the last crumbs – until the next block of suet arrives).

We ground up the beef fat.
Cooked it until it melted.
Strained out all the particles
Added some cornmeal and bird seed and let it harden in some sheet pans.
And cut it into blocks the perfect size to fit in those suet feeders – Happy Birds!

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