October – Apple Cider

It’s apple harvest time here on the farm.  The problem is, we got one – yes one – apple.  I’ve nurtured that apple all summer.  I put it in a sandwich bag while it hung on the tree to protect it from birds, bugs or bacterial rot.  We’ve watched it grow and then… we picked it!

Our apple trees – with one tiny sandwich bag hanging there to protect our ONE apple.
It grew into a respectable sized apple, considering there was only ONE.
When we picked it, it seemed worthy of putting it on a silver pedestal, given the fact that we only got ONE apple.
So off we went to Kauffman’s Apple Farm.  I can’t let apple season pass us by and one apple just wasn’t going to be enough.  A bushel of apples later – we were busy coring, grinding and just generally making a big happy mess!
We pushed a bushel of apples through the food grinder.
Scooped them into the apple press.
And enlisted Arianna to help us squeeze the juice out of the apples.
We watched fresh apple cider flow into our big jug with a spout on the front.  Nothing like having fresh cider on tap!
And all the left-over peels and pressed apple junk?  We’re making apple cider vinegar, of course.

4 thoughts on “October – Apple Cider

  1. Will the Apple cider vinegar be with the “mother”?

    I still don’t know where you get all the time! You go girl! And you too Chris, LOL !


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