June – Blending in…

Our barn was completed back during the winter when the weather wasn’t conducive to a coat of stain. But the winter snow and spring rains started to weather the wood, so we needed to make it a priority.

It seems like every project around here comes with the need for a new piece of equipment, which is what got us into this predicament of needing another barn in the first place. All this equipment needs a place to be stored. This new equipment – a paint sprayer – definitely earned its keep.

After two days and six gallons of stain, our rough-hewn pine boards now look like cedar. The barn looks more established, like it has settled itself on the farm and blends in with the trees. My forsythia wreaths stand out better against the darker stain and give it a pop of color. But… never to leave well enough alone, now I think we need little black shutters on each side of the window. That will be the next project.

Getting the equipment ready.
One side done – three more to go.
Trimming out around the doors.
Just about done – and check out that great looking garden!
The dark stain makes the wreaths stand out. We need the Vinca to fill in on the hillside, and I think black shutters on the window will finish it off!

6 thoughts on “June – Blending in…

  1. Your barn looks nicer than some B & B’s I’ve seen! Maybe you should consider opening a Bread & Breakfast on the farm.


  2. What kind of paint sprayer did you get? I actually bought one, and then went and read reviews and was completely discouraged. I returned it and have been doing all painting the long tedious way.


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