June – Uh-oh, What Have We Done?

The gardens are overflowing, and it’s not even the end of June yet!  Already I’m up to my elbows in canning and freezing.  When the plants were so tiny, it seemed like a good idea to plant a lot of them.  There was so much space between them in the garden that I couldn’t imagine them filling it in.  Even Chris commented that I hadn’t over-planted this year and there was actually space to walk between the rows.  I was proud of myself for my restraint, but with two gardens to fill, I didn’t feel the need to shoe-horn stuff in like I’ve done in the past.  This year would be different.  A spacious garden, everything in it’s place, perfectly placed rows — I could picture it in my mind.

Then came lots of rain and hot sunny days, and the garden took on a life of its own.  I think I must have bought my bean seeds from Jack, and the cucumbers too.  The vines are reaching for the sky.  I keep piling them onto up-side down tomato cages to give them something to climb on and still they grow.  I’m thinking in investing in a bunch of extension ladders to line the garden rows so everything can just keep growing and growing and growing.

I thought a variety of squash would be fun this year — butternut, acorn, spaghetti, etc.    Again I exercised such restraint.  I only planted about four plants of each.  They were barely a few leaves tall, with lots of space between each plant.  Now, the garden is so overgrown with vines that it will take a machete to fight my way through to harvest them.  What was I thinking?

Already there are cherry tomatoes, peas, beans, beets, zucchini, cucumbers, broccolini, scallions and spinach.  Even if we were vegetarians, we wouldn’t be able to keep us with what is coming in — and so every other night or so, you’ll find me in the kitchen freezing and canning… canning and freezing.  There’s nothing better than seeing the freezer fill up, or hearing the mason jar lids ping when they seal.  And maybe this winter I’ll be glad I apparently over-planted the garden, but for right now… I’m not so sure.

The tomatoes are outgrowing their cages.
Even the tomatoes are ripening already.
How am I even going to get into this squash patch to pick my squash?
Almost enough cucs to make pickles already.
Just a few beets for dinner.
And peas to freeze.

14 thoughts on “June – Uh-oh, What Have We Done?

  1. You have quite the garden, congratulations on your success. A friend of mine could not believe how his garden has taken off too. The weather seems to have been kind in this area. Not sure much in the PNW.


  2. Well, you have never been one to do things in half-way measures. You and Arianna might have to open a roadside stand just to get rid of the excess.


  3. WOW! Incredible! I don’t have any tomatoes on the plant you gave me yet, but I do have flowers. You should have a little farm stand out front with an honor system for paying (and a camera wouldn’t hurt either) but then also you could give a lot of stuff to your relatives, LOL !


  4. Am besten wird es sein, wenn ihr ein Gemüsestand an der Strasse eröffnet. Schönes, frisches Gemüse in Hülle und Fülle, das macht doch Spass!


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