April – A New Toy/Tool

I didn’t think we needed a pick-up truck, but I will confess, it has come in handy a couple of times.  It’s great to throw things in the truck bed and off we go — bags of dirt, Forsythia bushes, even shelving for my greenhouse.  But I really DON’T think we need a trailer too.  I mean, isn’t that what the bed of the pick-up truck is for?

But I got out-voted, and now we have the cutest little trailer.  I think it might be good for hauling a goat — but I think Chris envisions using it to take in his John Deere tractor in for service — if it ever needs servicing.  Of course, they can come pick up your John Deere tractor for servicing — if it ever needs servicing, and you don’t have to have a trailer — but — just in case, now we have one.

A cute little trailer — not too big, not too small — just right.
With a gate on the back so “some day” we can drive the tractor up into the trailer, just in case it needs servicing.
Good thing we have this pick-up truck with a hitch on the back.
No room in the garage for the trailer.

4 thoughts on “April – A New Toy/Tool

  1. I think Chris agreed to you guys buying the farm because having a farm gives him an excuse to accumulate all kinds of toys he couldn’t have justified otherwise.

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