November – A Thankful Thanksgiving

I may be a week late with this — but this year was a special Thanksgiving.  We welcomed a new granddaughter just two weeks earlier!  She weighed in at 8 pounds, 15 ounces — our turkey this year was 28 pounds.  That means the turkey was 3 times BIGGER than the baby!  We are certainly thankful for her healthy arrival and that we were able to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends around our table.  In fact, we were having so much fun – that we forgot to take a picture of the turkey — but we got one of our new “little turkey” sleeping off her Thanksgiving dinner.  She fit into the roasting pan — with room to spare.

We’re also thankful for the purposeful life we are able to live on this little farm.  There are times when we work too hard, get poison ivy, pamper bruises and blisters — but at the end of the day – we love what we are doing.  And we love just that little bit of self-sufficiency that this place offers us.

Once we packed away all those turkey leftovers, we settled in on Saturday night with a different dinner – one entirely sourced from our farm.  Our neighbor bow-hunts on our property and shares some of the venison with us.  Our salsify was finally ready for harvest after a hard frost, and the root cellar still has a BIG supply of squash.  While we always have farm-fresh vegetables and eggs – it was a treat to have a complete farm to fork dinner from our farm.

A fire in the fireplace and the table is set for Thanksgiving
Sleeping off that Thanksgiving dinner — she fits in the roasting pan — little turkey.
Time to dig up some salsify.
Our farm to fork dinner — venison, squash and salsify.


3 thoughts on “November – A Thankful Thanksgiving

  1. Schon wieder ein Jahr um und es ist immer noch bestens in Erinnerung das schöne Fest! Auch das Essen sieht lecker aus und natürlich auch der Nachwuchs!! lg aus Thun


  2. Wow! Looks nice AND delicious! The guys that hunt our property stopped giving us venison, I will have to remind them that I think they should not forget to do so!
    The baby looks so cute in the roasting pan!
    And what the heck was that other thing, a vegetable? I’ll have to look it up!


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