January 2018 – Don’t go to the Farm Show unless…

… you’re ready for the unexpected.

It was a really cold weekend but we bundled up and made the trip to Harrisburg to go to the 102nd annual farm show.  Mostly I wanted to see the cute sheep and goats and decide which we are more inclined to add to the farm, I wanted information on tapping our two Maple trees so I can make Maple syrup, and I wanted some of the awesome “junk food” that comes with going to a place like that (sticky buns, sugar-coated & roasted nuts, bratwurst wrapped in pretzel dough, etc.).

I think we’ve decided on goats, I got some good information about tapping our trees, we saw the annual butter sculpture and I ate more junk food than I should have.  So what’s the problem?

It’s what I didn’t expect to happen at the farm show that’s a problem.  Yes, I knew they had vendors.  Yes, I knew they have Farm Show specials.  But I really didn’t expect to buy anything more some of that aforementioned junk food.  But, we (actually he) bought something – and it’s big.  In fact, it’s so big, it has to be delivered on a truck.  Stay tuned.

Farm Show Logo

Image result for pennsylvania farm show images 2018
There’s always a life-sized sculpture out of butter!


Image result for farm equipment exhibit images
Farm Equipment
  • Image result for images 2018 pa farm show goats
    And cute goats!

4 thoughts on “January 2018 – Don’t go to the Farm Show unless…

  1. I thought you had a goat. Are you creating a flock of goats?

    You know, if you get a flock of sheep you could spin your own wool in your abundant spare time.

    I never understood the point of making large sculptures out of food, like the butter sculpture exhibit. For some reason such things seem to be popular, so I guess it’s just me.


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