May – Teenage Chickens

Remember those cute little fluff balls — baby chicks that we brought home from Tractor Supply.  They were so cute and cuddly, how could you not fall in love with them.  And, they were no trouble at all living in a small box in our living room where we could keep a close eye on them.

But they are growing.  I think they’ve hit the teenage stage.  They’re big enough to be a pain, but not big enough to put them outside on their own yet.  They stink, they make a mess and they’re noisy.

But, there is a chill to the air today, it’s threatening to rain — and it’s Mother’s Day.  What kind of parents would we be to push our “teenagers” out of the house on Mother’s Day?  so we’ll wait until tomorrow — and then it’s off to the coop.

So cute and cuddly.
Not so cute and cuddly.
Messy, stinky, noisy and time to move to the coop.

2 thoughts on “May – Teenage Chickens

  1. On the other hand, if you keep them in the house you won’t have to go outside to gather eggs, they’be be only steps form the kitchen!


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