September – Eye of the Storm

Remember back when I said the garden was DONE!  I was wrong.  That was just the eye of the storm.  It was calm and quiet for a few weeks.  It was so quiet, in fact, that we even sneaked away for a long weekend of vacation — since there wasn’t much happening here.  Maybe it was the extreme heat followed by the unseasonably cool weather that stunted the production of tomatoes, peppers and squash; but now they are back with a vengeance.

I came back from vacation to find a garden full of ripe red tomatoes, red and green peppers and more squash!  In fact, I picked 14.5 POUNDS of tomatoes.  Time to get busy canning again!

Eye of Hurricane
Thankfully — we weren’t affected by the hurricanes…
But we’re in the middle of a tomato tornado



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