October — The post with NO pictures

We have a tree by the spring house with one limb that stuck out way too far, looked out of place and was casting a shadow where I want to plant my squash next year (because we all know how the squash completely took over my other garden this year!). So I asked Chris to cut it down. And he loves to use his chain saw.

That was until the chain saw got bound up in the tree and stalled out. I thought I was going to have permanent “yard art.” A statement piece; a chain saw sticking out of a tree about six feet off the ground – forever. After some comments that I won’t repeat here – Chris decided a crow bar might work. It didn’t. I decided that grabbing the far end of the limb and pulling it down might release the chain saw. It didn’t.

Then we decided a combination of crow bar and pulling on the limb might work. The limb hung just to the edge of the stream that flows from the spring house. It’s muddy. My sneakers squished in the mud as I grabbed the limb again and bounced it up and down while Chris wedged the crow bar between the chain saw and the tree. With every bounce, he could inch it out a bit more. Until I bounced a little too much, slipped on the slope, and did a face plant in the mud. There were some more comments that I won’t repeat here. But it worked.  The chain saw popped out of the tree.  And I popped out of the mud.

It’s always after an event like that when I think – we forgot to take pictures.  I would have shared one of the chain saw stuck in the tree.



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