July — It’s empty till next year!

Spring and early summer went so fast.  I got a late start on my seeds since the greenhouse didn’t arrive until mid-March.  By the end of June the greenhouse was empty — except for some weeds growing up from the floor.  Seriously!  I have enough weeding to do in my outside garden spaces.

I washed all the pots in a bucket of soapy water and let them dry so they’ll be ready for next spring.  It’s kind of sad seeing it empty.  Maybe I can start some seeds for a fall planting — there’s always spinach or lettuce.  And I wonder how hot-house tomatoes might taste at Thanksgiving!

Weeds! In my greenhouse!
A good scrub to get rid of slugs and creepy, crawly things
All cleaned up and drying in the sunshine — ready for next spring.

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