August – The Bunny Trail

The bunny trail is closed.  Permanently.  I hope.
After spending a minor fortune on a six-foot high fence to keep the deer out, with the added expense of small gauge fencing trenched in at the bottom of the perimeter to keep the ground hogs out – you’d think we would have an impenetrable garden. But the baby rabbits managed to jump through the fence just above the small gauge fencing, squeezing themselves through the 2” x 4” squares and helping themselves to
my garden’s bounty.
When we first became aware of the problem, Chris put bird netting around the entire garden to keep Peter Rabbit and all his cousins out. That worked for a while, until they chewed through the bird netting and I started noticing half-eaten beans and nibbled broccoli. Then Chris used zip-ties to fasten the netting where the holes had been chewed, turning each 2” x 4” space into just 2” x 2” spaces. Then those buck-toothed rabbits chewed their way through the zip ties.  Chris took down the tattered bird netting and fastened a layer of chicken wire around the garden. Now we have a reinforced metal fence with more metal fencing wrapped around it. Anything to protect my
tomatoes, cucumbers and squash!
Now it is impenetrable (I hope) – and if I see any rabbits running around looking like they are wearing metal braces on their front teeth, I’ll know to go check on the
fencing again!
They chewed right through the mesh.
We used zip-ties to patch it, and they chewed through the zip-ties.
So now it has metal chicken wire.
Just let them try to chew through this.
On the outside looking in — let’s keep it that way!

7 thoughts on “August – The Bunny Trail

  1. Well, that’s too bad, darn bunnies! I remember when we were kids my dad almost ran over some baby bunnies with the lawn mower and of course we wanted to keep them as pets. We had a cardboard box and some chicken wire, they squeezed right through, they can make themselves amazingly small (baby ones anyway).
    Does Chris own a gun?
    Think it’s time for some “Lapin a la cocotte”?????!!!!!


  2. The answer. Is simple ELECTRIFY the fence !!! You could then have fried rabbit with your veggies !! Of course that came be a problem if you don’t like hare in your veggies , OK that’s enough


  3. Ja, diese lieben Tierchen! Wenn Chris besser sehen würde, hoffen es geht besser, wäre auch noch eine Möglichkeit Hasenbraten zu machen (Grosswildjagd auf Rabbit)! Aber ihr habt ja soviel Angepflanzt und könnt so viel ernten, dass es für die Tierchen auch reichen sollt!


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