February 2018 – A Special Delivery

The special delivery from that unexpected BIG purchase at the Farm Show is here.  We frequently have trucks showing up to deliver things – the barn, the chicken coop, the greenhouse.  They have to maneuver backwards up the driveway and then navigate the hillsides of our uneven farm to deposit their cargo in just the right place.  This time, they just rolled our delivery off the flat bed – right into the middle of the driveway – along with all of its accessories.

Yes, Chris is the proud new owner of a John Deere tractor.  I thought we already had one – it’s green, it says John Deere, and it works.  But apparently THAT John Deere was only a lawn mower.  THIS John Deere can do so much more.  It’s bigger – in fact so big that it has a roll bar (that instills confidence right away), a ballast box, a front end loader and a grader (for our very long gravel driveway) — and it’s Diesel!  Apparently that’s a big deal.

There was one happy farmer out there this weekend trying out all pieces and parts and making room for it in our garage.  Already we are starting a list of things it needs to do – like uproot stumps from the meadow, scoop the horse manure out of the barn, and probably dig a foundation for a new barn to house this monster and all of its attachments (just kidding – I hope)!

Yep, another toy — here it comes.
Check out that roll bar – and yes, it does come with a seat belt and head lights.
Looks like it’s ready to go.
Check out all those accessories!  Chris says they are called “implements.”  I guess he will be busy.

6 thoughts on “February 2018 – A Special Delivery

  1. Finally !!!!!!!!!! A man tractor !!! Now the John Deer hat and blue bib overalls. Great choice and good camouflage – farm green.

    My golf cart is going to look kind of sickly neck to this monster.


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