February – A “Seedy” vacation

It’s hard to get away during the “growing season.”  The grass needs to be cut, the garden is in full swing — and even a long weekend away means we come home to an overgrown mess.  Winter vacations seem to work much better for us.  We packed Chris’ skies in the car and headed north for a long weekend in Canada.  He skied, I “lodged” in front of the fireplace, with a glass of wine — and my seed catalogs. It was a great vacation!

I made my lists, checked them twice, and last Friday with the help of a dear and very patient friend, I went to Rohrer’s to get everything on my wish list — and then some.  Yes, I made a few impulse buys — the pictures on the seed packets just looked too yummy to pass up.

It won’t be long until I can start some of these in the greenhouse.  I’m counting the days ’till spring.

An adorable little ski village.
Getting ready to hit the slopes.
I stayed tucked in with the fireplace and my seed catalogs
Lots of seeds — just waiting for spring!

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