November – Farewell Fiona

It’s been cold and damp the last few days and Fiona seemed a little under the weather.  She was a bit lethargic, moping around, and mostly wanted to stay in the run-in shed.  Who could blame her.  But she still came out when it was time to be fed, and we didn’t think much about it until Saturday morning.  Chris went up to the barn to feed her, and she had passed away in her sleep.  It’s sad, and I feel bad for Chris because they were buddies.

Fiona lived out her last years doing what she wanted to do.  It didn’t matter if the electric fence tape was turned on or not — she’d go to whichever side of the pasture had the greenest grass.  She kept her stubborn attitude until the end — she would never let anyone pet her and would only eat from Chris’ hand.  I’m guessing she took her attitude with her.

Now Pono is moping around too.  He misses her, and so do we.

Fiona the Goat – ???? to 2017




9 thoughts on “November – Farewell Fiona

  1. Aw, that’s too bad! Do you know how old she was and the lifespan of a goat?
    Did Chris have to bury her in the back yard?
    Inquiring minds want to know!


    • I don’t know how old she was. She was one of Becky’s rescue projects – but we didn’t think she was “that” old. He did bury her way in the back. And then mentioned that the next farm tool we might need is a front end loader (or digger – or whatever the next big piece of equipment is) if he ever has to bury anything bigger than Fiona.


  2. I’m sorry the farm is a little bit emptier now. Maybe after a while you’ll want to get Pono (and Chris) a new playmate.


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