May – A (S)well Memorial Day

There is a big round pipe from the well that sticks up about a foot high in the middle of our front yard.  You’d think there would have been a less conspicuous spot to drill a well  on our five acres — but I guess the well-drilling company’s prevailing wisdom said they would find water in the front yard — and they did, 400 feet down.  The well-pipe is an eye-sore and I’ve been wanting to find a way to camouflage it for some time now.

On Friday I made my weekly run to the my local Amish market.  I try my hardest to stay out of the adjoining garden center — because there is always an impulse buy, and heaven-knows, I don’t need any more garden plants right now.  But right there, right in front of the garden center was a well cover.  Not only a well cover — but one exactly like I’ve been invisioning — with an actual well pump on top of it.  I wedged my groceries into the front seat of the car, flipped down the back seat and opened the back hatch.  There was only ONE there and I wasn’t going to risk coming back on Saturday with Chris and the pick-up truck.  I wanted it now.

So now I have a swell well cover — and a new flag, just in time for Memorial Day!

An eyesore in the front yard
The perfect well cover for a farm!
No more eyesore and a new flag!  Happy Memorial Day.

12 thoughts on “May – A (S)well Memorial Day

  1. That looks great, Jeanne …. as it was the only one left, I’m sure it was meant for you!!!! Happy Memorial Day – enjoy, in spite of the inclement weather!

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  2. Wow Jeanne, that is really cool! We also have one of those pipes in our side/front, about 10′ from our driveway. I would like something for it too, but the pump is perfect for your house! Good find!


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