July – Have a Snappy Day

We’ve been having rain – LOTS of rain.  It has knocked down the corn in our garden, it has washed one of my zucchini plants right off it’s roots — and, apparently, it has disoriented the wildlife on our farm.

We woke to finding this “creature” trying to get into the pasture with the goats and the horse – headed in the wrong direction from the stream.  He was not happy when Chris came at him with a shovel to relocate him and latched on with the viciousness of a mouse trap.

Almost more than the shovel could bear, we got him turned around, gently set him in the creek pointed downstream and waved goodbye.  It was either that – or the stock pot.  And I don’t know how to make Snapper Soup.

A hefty shovel-full, once we got him turned around and unlatched his jaw from the tip of the shovel.
Back in the stream where he (or she) should be happy.
Swimming off for parts unknown – I hope.

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