July – The Garage

The garage deserves it’s own post.  First of all, it cost about 3 times what I thought a garage should cost.  Mind you, I have no real perception what a garage should cost, other than it’s value to me — which is merely a place to put the car when I come home.  But a garage is apparently a big deal.  It is home to the various back yard implements — and — if completed before our other house sold, could potentially store all our earthly possessions until the house would be blessed with an actual “Certificate of Occupancy.”  I can see that there is value in that — my stuff could be close at hand, I wouldn’t have to pay for storage at some off-site location and I could even organize stuff by room in anticipation of moving day.

But the rain prolonged the process, the house sold — and all those earthly belongings are (hopefully) safely stored in an off-site pod facility.

The garage is nearing completion.  It still needs siding and exterior lighting, and the interior space provides room for the cars — and a Man Cave too.  I love the slope of the roof and the privacy that the garage will give the patio, creating a “courtyard” feel.


Garage Foundation
Garage Foundation
The Garage Takes Shape
The Garage Takes Shape
Two Car Garage
Two Car Garage
The Backyard "Compound"
The Backyard Courtyard


With Garage Doors
With Garage Doors

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