May – Let’s Actually BUY this place

The drama continues.  We can’t buy the house because we need inspections.  The inspections can’t be completed because we need repairs (well and septic).  We can’t do repairs until we get a mortgage.  And we can’t get the mortgage because we need inspections.

Our builder continues to be patient; but I’m not.  I’ve had enough of this.  I put together a proposal, went to the bank that owns the property and asked for a construction loan.  Within 24 hours, I had their commitment.  We closed on the property 19 business days later.

We finalized plans, got engineering drawings, the township issued building permits — and then the rainy season hit.

A storm came up, trees came down, and we started our woodpile while waiting for construction to start.

If a tree falls in a forest?
If a tree falls in a forest?

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