October – YES!

Yes!  We’ve moved in.  Friday was our first night .  The mattress was on the floor, we had a couple of chairs and one TV — but we were home.

And we were so excited to start moving in, that I forgot to take pictures… except of our welcoming committee.  They came to see what all the commotion was in the neighborhood.

Moving is never easy.   And this REALLY hasn’t been easy.  We are downsizing.  The entire size of this house is 1800 square feet.  It’s configured differently, it has lower ceilings and smaller rooms.  It has a lack of closets.  Things moved in and then out again, and in some cases, in again (and in one case — out again).  At this point, the furniture is in and the guest room is ready.  The Master Bedroom needs a bit of work in the closet (there are still some unpacked boxes).  The kitchen — well, not everything went where we expected it would go (and thank goodness for extra shelves in the laundry room for the “overflow”), but Chris has cooked two REAL dinners here already.  The family room just needs some pictures hung.  And then there is the office.  The ceiling is low (80″), my shelves don’t fit, the desk doesn’t fit, the sofa barely fit.  It will need some work,   That’s a project for another day.

Can’t wait to share my before/after pictures… soon.

Back to unpacking!

"Oh dear, who's moving into the neighborhood," said the deer.
“Oh dear, who’s moving into the neighborhood,” said the deer.
"They look friendly enough, and they brought us a salt lick," said the other deer
“They look friendly enough, and they brought us a salt lick,” said the other deer

5 thoughts on “October – YES!

  1. Very happy to hear all is going well. There are always a few bumps in the road( or on the head) when getting settled. BTW great photo of future dinner. Bambi burgers and deer steaks.


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