November – The Guest Room

We’ve already had our first guest spend the night, and yet the guest room has gone unoccupied.  Arianna stays upstairs with us.  She calls the office her “office-bedroom” and makes herself quite at home.  I’m an over-protective grandmom, and she can’t stay in the first floor guest room all alone until she’s at least 30.

So, that still begs the question — who will be the first guest to stay in the guest room?  When we lived in New Jersey, we called the guest room “Rahel’s Room” when Chris’ niece came to stay for awhile.  Then it became “Remo’s Room,” when his nephew came to visit.  Maybe this room will become “Eric’s Room” if we can convince that nephew to come visit.

When we found this house we weren’t even sure what to do with this space.  Should it be the living room?  It looked too disgusting to even envision that.  In fact, with stained brown carpet (at least we thought it was brown), a hole in the wall for a non-existent stove pipe, and botched up HVAC duct work — it was apparently too disgusting to even take a picture of it (I’ve looked back through our old pictures, and there isn’t even one “decent” picture of the mess.)  Then we decided to build the addition on the back of the house, and that became the living room area — connected to the kitchen by the large archway, making it convenient to entertain — because everyone always ends up in the kitchen anyway.  We decided this awkward space, at the opposite end of the house, would work best as a guest room and a downstairs bathroom.

I think it made the transition better than expected (as did this entire house).  The bathroom is beautiful and when I finally get done unpacking and have some time to do nothing, I’m going to take a bubble bath in the claw-foot slipper tub.  The guest room is cozy (yes, that is a code word in real estate for “tiny”), but it’s adorable, it’s just the right place for our antiques and we can’t wait to welcome our first guests.

Ugh. An unsightly mess.
Ugh. An unsightly mess.
Come right in....
Come right in….
The "entry way."
The “entry way.”
A rope bed, antiques and quilts -- just what this house needs.
A rope bed, antiques and quilts — just what this house needs.
Very cozy!!
Very cozy!!
Ready for a bubble bath?
Ready for a bubble bath?
Guest bath -- I just can't seem to get rid of all the Eiffel Towers.
I just can’t seem to get rid of all the Eiffel Towers.
The view of the kitchen from the guest room.
View from the guest room to the kitchen.

4 thoughts on “November – The Guest Room

  1. What an excellent job you both accomplished in such a short time. Congratulate each other daily.
    Guest room is looking better all the time.


  2. Wir wünschen euch viel Freude im neuen Heim. Viel Schweiss, Entschlüsse, Gedanken, Planung, Umsetzung sind nun durch und ihr habt euer Ziel erreicht! Wir freuen uns mit euch! Schön ist es geworden und wir hoffen, das Werk mal in Natura zu sehen. Viel Glück im neuen Home!


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