December – Christmas in our Home

There were times during the last year when we wondered whether we would be in the house on schedule, but there was never a question in my mind about whether we would be in the house by Christmas.  I could envision it — making dinner in our new kitchen, Santa coming down the fireplace of his choosing, and the peaceful serenity of this piece of property — with the abundant birds, deer and the soft clucking of our “girls”  (the hens who now provide us with 5 eggs a day!).

I had envisioned snow on the roof, a fire in both fireplaces and the stillness that a blanket of snow can bring.  What I didn’t expect was sitting on the front porch rocking chairs in our shorts as the temperatures soared above 70.

Nevertheless, Christmas Day came and went in a flash of friends and family — gifts and goodies — dinner and dreams.

It has been a year of before and after pictures.  Here are a few more….

Decorated and waiting for Santa
Santa made it down the chimney
The stockings were hung
The table was set
Family arrived
And the unwrapping began
And then it was over — at least for one little girl who had sweet dreams …

5 thoughts on “December – Christmas in our Home

  1. I loved the photos. Looks like everyone helped you celebrate a wonderful first Christmas in your new home!
    Happy New Year!!!
    Love, Debbie


  2. Everything looks as wonderful as I remembered ☺️
    I can’t believe how much Ariana reminds me of Dianne when she was little in that picture of your mom & her together. A little de ja vu moment! Ha!

    Enjoying your eggs!


  3. Your first Christmas in the house looks wonderful!! The only thing missing was the snow, who would believe air conditioners were on or windows open on December 25th.


  4. I’m glad you were able to enjoy your first Christmas in your new home surrounded by family and friends, making for a Christmas as warm inside as it was outside this year!

    Merry Christmas, and best wishes for a wonderful 2016 in your new home.


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