January – The Barn

We’ve been waiting until the house is done – really done — before we started on any more projects. But we’ve put it off long enough.  Last month we went to Pop’s Barns, took a look and ordered a 10 x 18 run-in shed with attached tack room.  John’s crew came back out and did some grading for us so that we can situate the little barn behind the house and up the hill on the edge of the pasture.  And, we’ve ordered the fence.

The barn got delivered this week. I figured this delivery was not for the faint of heart, so I opted not to be there while a truck and trailer would have to navigate backwards up a steep hill with a sharp drop off to deposit the shed on an exact dirt pad.  It was the right choice.  Chris took pictures and told me all about it – after the fact.

The truck arrived on time and pulled up the driveway. It cleared the first set of trees, squeaked by the second set of trees and came to a dead stop before the third set of trees.  The 10 foot width of the barn wouldn’t fit up the driveway.

I have a hard time backing my car down the driveway, watching on both sides that I don’t careen into one of those massive trees, but this truck driver backed the trailer (with the barn on it) back out on to the street. The ground is frozen hard right now so he pulled into the vacant lot next to our house, brazenly drove over the chest high weeds and got in to position to back up the hill behind our house.

I must have been out sick when they taught “backing-up” in driver’s education, because I know I would have been all over the back yard and probably plunged off the side of the hill taking the woodpile with me. This guy must not have been out sick that day.  He finessed the barn in to place and pulled away, just like a regular day on the job.  Whew.

Now we just need the fence. And as soon as this blizzard blows through, we’ll get that done too — when this 24″ of snow melts and we can find the fence markers again.

Here it comes — a little wide for the road.
In fact, too wide for our driveway. Oopsie.
Backing it up the hill and maneuvering around the garage.
Backing it in to the exact spot at the top of the hill.
And there it is…
Ready for horses


It looks good on top of the hill.

3 thoughts on “January – The Barn

  1. Barn looks good! Shifting gears here I was thinking it would make a cool photo to take a shot (photo)at night from up the hill down towards the house . Maybe with one light on in the kitchen. Throw in the snow plus the full moon put the black walnut in front got the picture ! It will look like one of your classics.


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