May – The Other Side of Horses

The horses have been here for more than a month now.  It’s become part of our daily routine to trudge up the hill in the evening, pat Disa and Pono on the head and give them a carrot or a treat.  Fiona won’t come close enough for us to even touch her, but she will eat a bit of grain from a scoop if we hold it over the fence.  She is just starting to eat out of Chris’ hand now.  If there’s a fence between us and her – she’s okay with us.  Disa and Pono have no such issues.

But eating – whether its carrots, a treat or a pasture full of grass – has other consequences.  Lots of consequences.

Chris spent a recent afternoon loading up the cart on the back of his John Deere with those consequences – twice.  Two carts full!  And dumping it all into a manure pile where it can rot and compost and eventually get re-loaded into the cart in a couple of years to till into my garden.  And grow carrots — that I can feed to the horses…  And so it goes.

Seriously? I don’t suppose we could train them to use a designated spot, instead of piles of this all over the pasture.
Cart #1 — of two full carts.
Our new manure/compost pile.

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