And MORE Bats!

What is it with zucchini?  If you miss one day in the garden, those sweet little miniature zucchinis that are smaller than the blossom still hanging on to the end of them suddenly turn into monster-sized zucchini baseball bats.

I prefer the zucchini somewhere in between the two – a little bigger than just two bites, but not so big that they are six inches in diameter, full of seeds and the length of my arm.  When they get that big, there is nothing else to do with them except…bake zucchini bread!

I love zucchini bread, but I’m not sure why it’s called bread because it probably has more sugar and fat than most cakes!  It’s an unhealthy mess, with a scant two cups of grated zucchini to add beautiful flecks of green – just so I can pretend it is healthy.  A bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream is green too – and probably more healthy than zucchini bread.

But given the over abundance from the garden, what’s a person to do?

One day’s haul from the farm — 5 eggs, cucumbers, peppers, shallots, potatoes, yellow squash, a few small zucchini — and a couple of baseball bat-sized zucchini because I turned my back on them for ONE day.

6 thoughts on “And MORE Bats!

  1. Scott told me same thing about his zucchini plants. He is having a bumper crop like you in his vegetable garden. Wish he lived closer to share with me:( Enjoy the fruits of your labor this winter.


  2. First of all I love your post, love hearing about the farmhouse. Second the picture of the zucchini bread is awesome, I want a piece now. That being said you need to post the recipe, I keep trying recipes but have jet to really find one that is not too wet. Yours look like perfection. I need that recipe. Keep on posting I truly enjoy it.


    • Thanks — glad you enjoy the posts.
      Here’s the recipe:
      3 eggs
      1 cup vegetable oil
      3 teaspoons vanilla
      2 cups sugar
      2 well packed cups grated zucchini (if it’s watery, I’ll drain off the water once I pack it tight)
      Mix well.
      Combine the following:
      3 cups flour
      1 teaspoon baking soda
      1 teaspoon salt
      1/4 teaspoon baking powder
      3 teaspoons cinnamon
      Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients. Stir well. Add a 1/2 cup of nuts, if desired. Pour into loaf pan(s) and bake about an hour at 350 — depending of course on the size of the loaf pans, etc.


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