August – ABSOLUTELY No Rhyme or Reason

We have just a little farm – and along with that has come a variety of “accessories” needed to help maintain the farm – a small John Deere tractor, a chain saw, a chipper/shredder, a snow blower – the normal, everyday variety of “guy toys” that require gas and someone strong enough to yank the cord to get things going.  Power tools.  I get it.

But now we’ve moved into a new realm.  A pick-up truck — a big 4-door, silver, Silverado, with a back seat.  The truck is nearly as big as the farm itself and just barely squeaks into the garage.  Apparently this became a necessity to haul hay for the two horses that reside in our pasture.  Mind you, our hay provider is barely five miles away and is more than happy to deliver a truck load for barely more than $19.  It takes a LOT of $19.00 hay deliveries to equate to the price of a new pick-up truck.  In fact, I think it would be about 2,315 hay delivery charges!

So, now we have a farm truck.  To me, a farm truck should look beat up and muddy.  It’s a badge of honor; it shows how hard the truck has worked.  This truck looks like it just stepped out of the beauty salon – everything is picture perfect, not a blemish, not a scratch.  I can only imagine how long that will last, and how upset Chris will be with the first ding, the first scratch in the bed liner or a spill in the extended cab.

But it fits right in – there is ABSOLUTELY No Rhyme or Reason for this truck – other than it’s a guy thing.  So why not, it’s No Rhyme or Reason Farm.

Here he comes home in the “lumbering giant” that barely fits between our tree-lined driveway.
It’s big.
It does fit into the garage (thanks Forest Ridge Builders for building such a BIG garage!).


But here’s some sticker shock.

6 thoughts on “August – ABSOLUTELY No Rhyme or Reason

  1. Well, you hit the nail on the head, “it’s a guy thing”. That’s all you had to say, lol!
    It is a handsome truck though…


  2. Hallöchen, was für ein Pick-up Truck. Bei uns würde man sagen: hast du im Lotto gewonnen? Aber eben, das Kind im Manne kommt zum Vorschein und so eine grosse Farm benötigt auch ein grosser Truck! Könnte sein, dass Chris etwas vom Vater geerbt hat –> grosse Fahrzeuge (LKW’s) hatte er auch immer gerne! Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz.


  3. All guys “need” a truck. And if you are going to farm you need a lumbering giant to roll down the road. I like it !!


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