August – Carrots

I wasn’t sure how the garden would do this first year.  We had obstacles to overcome – rocks, stones and gravel – to begin with, questionable soil, and then pesky rabbits.

But those little seed packets seem to have overcome the odds and continue to amaze me.  I planted two kinds of carrots – typical orange Nantes carrots and a specialty pack I picked up somewhere of “rainbow” carrots in a variety of colors – purple, yellow and white.  Despite all the impediments in the soil, the carrots have grown fairly large, and mostly straight.

Digging the carrots out has been a bit of a challenge; the soil just doesn’t seem to want to release them.  I thought a good tug would be sufficient, but it has taken a variety of digging tools to pry them loose.

Then they need scrubbing and peeling; but if you peel a purple carrot – you get an orange carrot.  That’s just not fair.  I wanted purple all the way through to add color to my soups and stews.  So I scrubbed them extra hard and left the peels on.  Then there is the chopping and blanching and chilling in a cold water bath and drying and then freezing on a cookie sheet.

The “girls” ate well — they loved the peels, and eventually – I ended up with two big bags of frozen carrots – a gallon of orange and a gallon of colorful ones.  Now I need a cold fall day to make a big pot of vegetable soup.

Our rainbow carrots.
The problem is, when you peel the red carrots, they are just orange underneath. That’s not fair.
Blanched and ready to freeze.
Peels and scraps for the girls.
They’re happy!

4 thoughts on “August – Carrots

  1. boy Jeanne, I wish I had your energy! The carrots look great but that’s a shame, and really a rip off
    that purple carrots are orange inside! Who knew?


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