November – Secrets Men Keep in the Garage

 We’ve been in the house for just over a year now – and other than some spot cleaning, I haven’t really washed the windows!  The year just flew by, we were busy with other things and you could still see out of the windows – so it just never crossed my mind.  Now that it’s time to close up for the winter, the spots from rain, dead bugs and dirt looked pretty bad.

 When we renovated the house, all the old windows came out and new, energy efficient windows went in.  Not only are they energy efficient, they are cleaning efficient.  They have a magic latch that allows me to fold the window into the house so I can clean both sides without even contemplating a ladder (because if a ladder was needed, they still wouldn’t be getting cleaned).

 Still, I hate washing windows.  You get one side clean, and then when you do the other side, there are streaks, and you can’t tell which side they are on, so you end up doing both sides, and then there are different streaks.  It takes FOREVER.

 I told Chris I was about to clean the windows and he recommended, more like insisted, that I use his auto glass cleaner and old towel rags.  I’ve cleaned with Windex-type cleaner and paper towels my whole entire life.  What’s with auto glass cleaner and old towel rags?  He even demonstrated how I needed to do it (one window down, 16 more to go).  I thought about saying, can you show me that again (then there would only be 15 more to go) – but I figured I had the concept down.  Spray stuff on, wipe stuff off.

 And that was it.  Done.  Sparkling.  Finished.  I threw out my Windex-type cleaner.

 I think men everywhere must be keeping this a secret.  They say, “honey, I’m going in the garage to wash the car windows, I’ll be back in HOURS,” and we believe them!

Dirt and dead bugs!
The windows fold in! What an amazing invention. No ladder needed.

3 thoughts on “November – Secrets Men Keep in the Garage

  1. There are “guy secrets” that are not supposed to be shared outside of the Brotherhood. Chris might have breached the Code by revealing the auto glass cleaner and old towel rag secret. His transgression might be forgiven, however, as long as he does not disclose the secret to effortless and long-lasting dusting!


  2. Warum habt ihr nicht gewartet mit Fenster Reinigung? Ich kenne jemand der das in ein paar Wochen übernommen hätte! Ich hätte dann Ajax aus der Schweiz mitgebracht. Dieses Mittel geht für Fensterscheiben und Autoscheiben. Bis bald!


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