November — Family & Friends & a Thanksgiving Wedding

It was a Thanksgiving week to remember.  Chris’ family arrived from Switzerland the Friday before Thanksgiving to visit the farm and for a whirlwind of day trips to NYC, Washington/Baltimore — and most important of all — to the King of Prussia Mall.  We were busy.

But to make it even busier — we had a wedding!  We decided several months ago to get married while his family was already planning to visit.  When we met with the minister, he asked why we wanted to get married now, after all these years.  When I said “there’s No Rhyme or Reason,”  I’m sure he was perplexed.  I doubt many people get married for no rhyme or reason.  But for us, this has become our home, where we want to grow old(er) together, and where we want to spend our lives…married, here on No Rhyme or Reason Farm.

So with family and friends together, we got married the Saturday before Thanksgiving, spent the week doing field trips, and had a HUGE Thanksgiving dinner.  Definitely a week to remember with family and friends and food — what’s better than that!

The Family here for a visit
Wedding Day on No Rhyme or Reason Farm
You may now kiss the bride — except she can’t watch!
Arianna waiting for wedding cake

21 thoughts on “November — Family & Friends & a Thanksgiving Wedding

  1. Just happened to be in my email when this popped in and just wanted to comment on how nice everything was (and delicious! Oh my, yum!) and add “and a good time was had by all!”
    Have you had your first “married” fight yet? Lol!


  2. Congratulations, Jeannie & Chris …. so happy for you both!!!! Such a nice holiday to remember always !!!!!

    Having waited a few years ourselves (39 to be exact), John and I are still on your honeymoon (18 months & counting) ha, ha.

    We wish you the very best as you enjoy not only your new home, but your new status !!!!!!! You certainly deserve it!

    Barbara & John


  3. Congratulations Jeanne and Chris. Wishing you both a beautiful life. You look so happy. Love you cousin ❤️️


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