December – Horse Traders

Disa has been a resident of our farm for quite a while now, but we traded her for something smaller.  Well, it wasn’t quite like that.

Disa eats a lot, and that’s hard on our pasture.  We cordoned off part of the pasture so it could recuperate and grow, but it’s winter and the grass isn’t growing much anyway.  So it made sense to swap out Disa for Lollipop.  Disa moved to Becky’s other pasture and brought Arianna’s pony here instead.

Lollipop seems to like her new home.  Pono was a little skittish right after Disa left.  He wouldn’t come near us for fear of being snatched and taken away in that horse trailer into the dark night, never to be seen again.  But he seems to have calmed down now that it’s apparent that he’s staying.  And Fiona?  She’s still here, and probably always will be because no one can catch her (except maybe Chris).

Meet Lollipop.
Disa got traded, and she’s been replaced by this little thing.
Pono’s not so sure what to think about the swap.
Pono definitely has his winter sweater on.




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