January – Adding Space

I love to watch those tiny house shows on TV.  Our house isn’t really tiny; but it isn’t big either.  So, I’m always on the look-out for creative storage solutions to expand our space.

With the onslaught of Christmas baking and cooking for company, I realized how much I hated the cabinet where the spices were stored.  I had them on one of those cute little stepped-up shelves so I could see all of the containers, but invariably, whatever I needed was toward the back and retrieving it meant either pulling out everything in front of it, or if I was lazy, reaching in and delicately retrieving the one spice jar I needed — and knocking everything else out of the cabinet anyway.  So I was on a quest for a better storage system.

I found some organizers at Home Depot and convinced Chris it would be an easy project.  Several hours later, we had a masterpiece!  It’s so organized now, I can find what I want without dumping everything onto the floor and it looks so nice I sometimes leave the pantry door open just to admire our new-found space.

Now that the holidays are over and everything has been put away, I’m on a search to find a better way/place to store all that Christmas gift wrap. The basement can get damp, the attic is dreary, and the house — is full.  I’m still looking for a solution to that puzzle.

An “easy” project adding storage to our pantry door.
It’s awesome — I can find everything now.

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