June – Using the trailer

Remember that new toy/tool — the trailer?  I wasn’t sure why we needed it — but as it turns out — it’s VERY useful!

“How?” you ask.

It’s useful for bringing home more toys/tools!  Why didn’t I see that coming?

“What new tool?” you ask.

A wood splitter, of course.  Every farm needs one.  We did go through a lot of fire wood last winter; and we do have an inexhaustible supply of dead trees around the property.  Chris already has a chain saw, so the wood splitter was inevitable, I suppose.  And then he got to use the trailer too!  It’s a great day on the farm!

log splitter on trailer
Loaded and ready for the trip home.
It was still on the trailer when it got to our driveway.
Time to split some wood.

April – A New Toy/Tool

I didn’t think we needed a pick-up truck, but I will confess, it has come in handy a couple of times.  It’s great to throw things in the truck bed and off we go — bags of dirt, Forsythia bushes, even shelving for my greenhouse.  But I really DON’T think we need a trailer too.  I mean, isn’t that what the bed of the pick-up truck is for?

But I got out-voted, and now we have the cutest little trailer.  I think it might be good for hauling a goat — but I think Chris envisions using it to take in his John Deere tractor in for service — if it ever needs servicing.  Of course, they can come pick up your John Deere tractor for servicing — if it ever needs servicing, and you don’t have to have a trailer — but — just in case, now we have one.

A cute little trailer — not too big, not too small — just right.
With a gate on the back so “some day” we can drive the tractor up into the trailer, just in case it needs servicing.
Good thing we have this pick-up truck with a hitch on the back.
No room in the garage for the trailer.