September – The Root Cellar

I thought harvest time would be in October – but here we are, barely into September, and my “root cellar” is nearly full already.  I don’t really have a root cellar – I have a basement. And the basement door has a sign over it that says “wine cellar.” It’s not really a wine cellar either. I’m not sure what the basement is other than dark and damp and cool.  I guess that makes it the perfect place for a root cellar and a wine cellar.
We’ve dug up the potatoes, harvested most of the winter squash, canned the tomato sauce and put up a year’s worth of pickles and jams – and it’s all stored in the root cellar/wine cellar/basement. It can be a bit inconvenient to traipse outside to go to the basement/root cellar when all I need is a couple of potatoes for dinner – but as long as I’m there, it’s a good thing that it’s a wine cellar too.
The “fruits” of our labors – jams and pie fillings.
Pickles and tomato sauce.
Butternut squash, butter cup squash, spaghetti squash and acorn squash.
And lots of potatoes!

12 thoughts on “September – The Root Cellar

  1. Jeanne, what does that comment above my comment mean? “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” That is a new one for me.

    Lizanne B.


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