Merry Christmas

It has been a different kind of year, but still – the house is festive, Arianna and Hannah decorated the cookies, we made our trip to see Santa and the Nativity, and Hannah enjoyed her Frosty cupcake as the snow melted outside. We are enjoying the joys of the season and settling in to await Santa’s arrival. From our home to yours – we send our best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a happy, HEALTHY and much different/better 2021!

December 2017 – MERRY CHRISTMAS

We had a little Christmas miracle this morning — a white Christmas.  It wasn’t much — just a dusting, but it brought the peacefulness and magic of a special Christmas.  And Santa’s reindeer weren’t far behind — grazing in the bushes just behind the picket fence.

Merry Christmas!


December – Moving On

No, not moving — just moving on to the next holiday.  The Thanksgiving decorations have been put away and the Christmas decorations are now in place.

While Chris’ family was visiting, we began to transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  They went with us to pick out our Christmas tree at the local fire station.  We threw it in the back of that always useful pick-up truck and brought it home where it has been standing at the ready waiting for lights.

Chris tackled the outside decorations, I strung the lights on the inside tree, and between Sunday football games we got it decorated, put up the Christmas houses and hung the stocking by the fireplace.

We’re ready Santa.  I’ll send you our list because we’ve been VERY good this year.

Decorating the Tree

Adding the Star

A fire in the fireplace — ready for Christmas

The outside lights are up.

The tree looks great

Now we need blankets on the porch!