February – Damn Mice

Bruce – you were right — those damn mice moved right in once we insulated the basement.  We’ve kept traps down there, and we would catch a mouse every once in a while – but it didn’t seem like a big deal.  Until now…

I noticed that they are eating my squash!  Damn mice.  They climbed right into my wood crates, chewed holes, and cleaned out the inside of the squash.  Thank goodness they didn’t eaten them all!  I grabbed the rest of my good squash and rushed them to safety in the house.   I scrubbed them good – with soap and water — just in case a mouse had walked over them.  Then I roasted them, pureed then and packed them into freezer bags.  Hah!  No more squash for those damn mice.

Now, I hope the mice will go for the cheese in the traps – given that their supply of squash has been squashed.

Damn mice!
This mouse trap will get more action now that all the crates are empty.

May — How many things can live on one porch?

Our porch is a popular spot.  We love sitting out there in the evenings after a hard day of work in the garden and watching the birds, the deer, and occasionally a skunk wander through the yard.  But things are getting a little too up close and personal.

The bats have returned.  I begged and pleaded to have Chris squirt some Great Stuff, or stuff some chicken wire up into the crack between the house and the porch roof when the bats had gone to their winter home.  I even offered to buy them a bat condominium and hang it some where NOT near the front porch.  But Chris seems to like his pet bats — right where they are — hanging somewhere above my head, and leaving bat dropping near the front door.

They have been joined by some wasps who have decided to attach their home to the ceiling of the porch, a few spiders weaving their webs — and a very determined Robin.  This Robin started with a few sprigs of loose straw between each and every eave all the way down the length of the porch.  Apparently Chris doesn’t like Robins as much as he likes bats, so he took the blower to the porch and in a poof — blew the starts of the nests away.  The next morning, the straw was back.  He blew it away.  The next morning the straw was back again, mixed with wet mud to glue the start of these nests to the rafters.  He blew it away again — though a bit messier as the mud splattered onto the porch.  And so it went for several days until Chris gave up — on one nest.  They appear to have reached a compromise.  The Robin has consolidated her efforts to that one nest — and Chris told her she can stay.

A squirt of wasp spray got rid of the wasps, a broom took care of the spider webs, the Robins have one nest — all I have to deal with now are the bats.  Great.

Looks like a good place for a nest.
The Robin won — Chris let this nest stay.