August – Flash Flood

This summer has done nothing but rain.   I haven’t watered the garden once this year – in fact, it is so water-logged that tomatoes fall off the vines still green, pepper plants are taller than I am yet refuse to set any peppers and the corn stalks are laying flat on the ground from having been beaten into submission by unrelenting torrents of rain.  Not having a bumper crop of corn this year is not a big deal — but not having a driveway — that’s a problem.

Last Monday morning brought 2.5 inches of rain in less than an hour on top of about six inches from the previous week.  Despite having a culvert and huge underground pipes installed to divert the water away from and underneath the driveway, this storm was too much for it to handle, and the driveway took off – down the driveway.

We’ve had small wash-outs before that Chris was always able to patch by hauling the run-away stone back up the driveway and tamping it into place.  But this time, we needed a dump truck full of stone, the front-end loader and the grader (yes, I begrudging admit – the tractor came in handy).  Chris is about half way through the process of spreading the stone, tamping it down and then grading it.  And guess what — today it is raining, AGAIN.  Fingers crossed that our driveway holds up and he can finish the fixing  driveway on Monday.

I think we need to install sandbags before the next deluge!  Otherwise, I might need a canoe to get to work.

Nothing was going to stop this river from running down our driveway.
The “river” from the drive way ran through the lower meadow until it met with the already swollen stream.
There was no stopping this!
Finally, the rain stopped – and this is what we were left with!
And it will take a dump truck full of stone to fix it.
Forty tons of stone. Good thing we have that tractor.
Chris spent the day filling in the gullies using the front-end loader to move the stone.
And tamping it into place and smoothing it out with the grader.