November – Apple Butter

I can’t help myself when I stop at the Amish Market.  Everything looks so farm fresh — and if we don’t grow it on the farm, I get it there.  The other day they had bushels of apples – and they were cheap – and I got caught up in the fact that it is fall and I should be doing “something” with apples.

I stopped at Walmart on the way home for more canning jars.  They were out!  Who runs out of canning jars in the middle of canning season!  I’d have to make do with the few empty jars I had on hand, which meant I better cook these apples down into apple butter.  I diced them and piled them into a roasting pan with a little cider, some brown sugar and spices and let them get mushy, ran them through the food mill and then cooked them in my crock pot for hours – and hours.

It’s thick (thicker than that grape jelly disaster), and creamy and sweet and spicy — and so easy!  I filled all my remaining jars.

I couldn’t resist the apples.
Roasting in the pan.
All those apples, and it only filled five of these little one cup jars.