February – Here’s lookin’ at you…

We are still busy clearing out the front yard. It’s hard work.  The briars are daunting and the project seems never ending.  We’ve realized that it’s best to set limits on the amount of work we do in a day.  Four to five hours is pretty much our limit, otherwise, I get hangry, and cranky and there’s telling who or what I’m ready to put through that chipper/shredder.

And, we’ve also realized that every project brings the need for a new “tool” for Chris. This time we needed bolt cutters to get rid of old barbed wire and old fencing, bent and twisted under the weight of years of vines that have wrapped themselves over, around and between the fencing like arthritic fingers creating a gnarled mess.

It isn’t all a gnarled mess, though.  The “stream” is trickling from the springhouse, the grass is beginning to green as the snow melts and the daffodils are beginning to peek up from under the leaves.  But the daffodils aren’t the only things peeking up from under the leaves.

While we haven’t found any truly old relics in the front yard, it paints a picture of those who have lived here in the recent past.  We’ve found sneakers, and toy trucks, an Incredible Hulk and a Frisbee, beer cans and soda cans and a “piece” of hose that ended up being 3(!) 100 foot hoses once we started to pull it out.

And then I found this!  It popped up from under the leaves as I was raking, staring up at me with a snarly smile.  I think it’s a fox – but I’m not really sure.  Startled is an understatement.  Now I know to be prepared for anything!

Chain link, barbed wire and fence posts.
We thought we would save the scalloped-edged fence, but it’s a mess.
An assortment of trash
The “stream” is running. It isn’t much of a stream — more like a marsh at the moment, but the grass is greening!
And the daffodils are poking up.
It’s a bit overgrown.
You can start to see the house!


Yep — here’s lookin’ at you! A little startling when it pops up from under the leaves!
Great teeth — whatever it is.

3 thoughts on “February – Here’s lookin’ at you…

  1. Wow, a running stream, green grass, daffodils & trash collected!! Sounds like spring is springing on “No Rhyme or Reason Farm”!!!!


  2. Oh my, Jeannie, I am truly amazed every time I open your text. Love the stories … what an amazing journey this has been for you/Chris! Can’t even imagine my reaction if I had found what you did … I am such a wimp when I find live things … let alone a skeleton !!!!

    Please keep us posted — feel like I am sharing such an adventure everytime I see you have posted something!

    With the weather forecast being in single digits … please keep warm & safe!

    Thinking of you …. & PS: Happy Valentine’s Day !!!!! Enjoy a glass of wine for me!!!!!!

    Barb & John

    On Fri, Feb 12, 2016 at 3:29 PM, No Rhyme or Reason Farm wrote:

    > JSS posted: “We are still busy clearing out the front yard. It’s hard > work. The briars are daunting and the project seems never ending. We’ve > realized that it’s best to set limits on the amount of work we do in a > day. Four to five hours is pretty much our limit, ot” >


  3. It’s too cold to be working in the yard today. You should either stay inside and enjoy a good book by the warmth of one of your fireplaces, or take a trip to Home Depot and stock up on the tools Chris will require for his upcoming projects.

    Come to think of it, a book and a bottle of wine n the glow of the fireplace just might be the ticket!


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