February – A River Runs Through It

Yes, we have a cute little stream. That’s not the problem.  The problem is caused by the torrential rains we’ve had the last couple of weeks and the havoc it causes with our driveway.

A few weeks ago, it rained all day while I was at work. When I came home, I had to navigate the Grand Canyon to make it to the garage.  Deep trenches sliced down our driveway and washed out our precious gravel.  But Chris took it in stride, took his shovel, and spent hours outside filling the gullies.  He trenched where he could to re-direct the water and smoothed everything out so it looked perfect again.

Until last night.

The Grand Canyon has returned. The rain has carved grooves deeper that I would have been able to shovel creating some ready-made trenches into which we need to install some drainage pipes.

It is yet another project to tackle, as if the list isn’t long enough already. But I think this is one is outside the scope of Chris’ tool shed.  Too many more of these types of projects and Chris will want his own back-hoe or a bob-cat or some other sort of major “toy” to add to the shed.  Just sayin’.

It makes it hard to turn the car around when there is a cliff in the middle of the driveway.
Not easy to navigate down the driveway either.
And all that precious gravel is washing away.
The driveway is narrow between our big trees, now it just got even MORE narrow.


4 thoughts on “February – A River Runs Through It

  1. Chris has proven to be pretty handy and has made good use of his growing supply of tools, but you might need to consult a drainage and irrigation expert to prevent the recurrence of this problem and the loss of your precious gravel.

    On the bright side, the house, garage and chicken coop are all still standing where they belong!


  2. Well I live very close to a real river and believe thee me when it rains it floods all around– parking lots, streets, yards etc. Jim Thomas used to say (about the water right next to my building) High tide and heavy dew and it floods. (indeed the water next to my building –actually NOT a river, but a portion of a man “helped” segment– is indeed tidal. Fun Fun Fun!!!!


  3. Maybe you should rethink the macadam drive….no, I guess not, between rain and cold weather, it would probably end up cracking anyway…like our driveway after 20 years, we also have a small underground natural stream that runs down our lot, great for our well, but not the drive. 😀 Good luck, it’s a lot of work!


  4. Nicht so schön, aber ich habe als ehemaliger Feuerwehrmann schon schlimmere Sachen gesehen. Die Natur ist manchmal unberechenbar! Also das beste daraus machen und mit geeigneten Massnahmen das Wasser in ein Kanal links und rechts der Zufahrt ableiten, oder oben bei der Garage ein Entwässerungskanal bauen. Ärmel hoch und schaufeln!!


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